Konnect With Mobikonnect


Loyalty Engine

A Loyalty Engine is a sophisticated software system that powers customer loyalty programs. It manages various aspects of loyalty initiatives, from points accumulation and redemption to personalized rewards and engagement strategies. This engine utilizes data-driven insights to tailor loyalty experiences, enhancing customer engagement and retention. By tracking customer behavior and preferences, it enables brands to create targeted offers, drive repeat purchases, and build lasting relationships. The Loyalty Engine streamlines program management, optimizing customer interactions, and delivering value that fosters brand loyalty, making it an essential tool for businesses seeking to cultivate enduring customer relationships and drive business growth.

CRM Konnect

Customer relationship management is crucial for securing a company's future and ensuring loyal customers. At Mobikonnect, we excel in CRM, offering solutions and software to enhance customer interactions. Our skilled team handles lead generation, retention, engagement, and queries through a world-class customer cloud center, making the customer lifecycle transparent and rewarding.

Unique Code Generation Tool

The Unique Code Generation Tool creates distinct codes for authentication, tracking, or promotions. Utilizing algorithms, it generates individualized codes, enhancing security and traceability. This tool proves essential for safeguarding digital assets, managing access, and facilitating targeted marketing campaigns. With its ability to produce exclusive identifiers, the Unique Code Generation Tool ensures accurate monitoring and personalized interactions, thereby optimizing efficiency and precision in various applications across industries.

Reward Platform

Easy to Create, Execute & Manage Reward - Campaigns. Our platform makes it a breeze to design, launch, and oversee rewarding campaigns. You can effortlessly create tailor-made initiatives for customers, employees, or partners. No technical fuss-just your creativity in action. Track progress and see how well your campaigns are doing. It's like having a personal assistant for your rewards, ensuring a smooth experience from start to finish.

Video Platform

Our video platform lets you do more than just watch videos. You can use it to launch exciting consumer promos, gather valuable feedback, and conduct insightful surveys. It's like having a virtual hub where you engage with your audience, making them a part of your journey. From showcasing offers to hearing their thoughts, this platform transforms videos into interactive experiences, creating a meaningful connection between your brand and your customers.


Our secure and precise randomizer ensures unbiased winner selection, providing a reliable method for fair contests, giveaways, and promotions. Follows stringent industry data security and fraud prevention protocols, ensuring your information is safeguarded and activities are protected against unauthorized access or misuse.

Analytics Engine

Consider our analytics engine as a trustworthy data ally. It's like to having a knowledgeable friend that investigates your data universe and identifies significant trends and connections. This engine extracts useful information to show you who your consumers are, how well you're doing, and what decisions to make, much like a good discussion brings forth insights. Our analytics engine comprehends your business demands like a buddy who knows your preferences, offering you a clear picture and the assurance to take the appropriate steps for success.