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Virtual Konnect
Mobikonnect’s Virtual Konnect works like an extended arm. Imagine having a robot to do your chores, while you’re away doing more important stuff. What luxury right? Also imagine not having anyone to help you with your important work. You’d probably do it yourself as per your convenience & availability.
However, that might not be a good solution, given that you may not be doing it timely, or even worse, you would perhaps be ignoring the more important & critical work at hand. The same situation when applied to organisations, could result in business or revenue loss. Attending one aspect & ignoring the other, or not doing what’s necessary, timely, such as attending to your customer’s needs &queries, may have you looked upon as a lazy, rude or callous organisation. You don’t want that.
That’s where we come into the picture. Virtual connect is a simple to use, cloud based business phone system, which allows you to make the most of your incoming business calls. How? It’s simple actually. To understand whether or not your current campaign is driving results & to discern which advertising works best for your product & how should you modulate it further, if necessary, Virtual connect helps you tremendously. Want to track, measure, record & understand, where you highest leads came from, post your previous TV Ad campaign, Virtual Konnect does it for you.
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