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92% of the world’s currency is digital…This gives us a perspective on how far technology & people have moved ahead in the last 2 decades. As the saying goes ‘It’s important to move ahead with the times’. And sometimes, what’s even more important is to move even faster than the rest. Why? Because, ‘The early bird catches the worm’.

To make this happen, we at Mobikonnect offer you services that help mobilise your business – BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER & SHARPER.

VOICE IT – Our Voice Platform!

Studies have shown that listeners who hear voice samples, can infer the speaker’s socio-economic status, personality traits & emotional & mental state. Listeners exposed to voice samples, can also estimate the weight, height & age of speakers with the same degree of accuracy achieved by examining photographs.

Why Choose Voice It…

Through our voice platform, we help you deliver great customer experience. By identifying the right reason, need & the requirement for the Voice platform, we help customise this unique experience. All this, so that you can cater to the exclusive needs of your customers. Not only does this effort, help you bridge the gap between attending to your customers’ needs and still going about your business, but it also helps save you huge operating costs, while simultaneously adding a new revenue stream to your PnL.

No Bar…

Language Problems? Reach problems? Not anymore. With ‘Voice It’ you break all these barriers &put your money where the mouth is. Literally speaking. ‘Voice It’, lets you employyour skills remotely, to reach people in far flung areas, which would otherwise take you great time & effort to impact. Make this automated platform work for you& reach any target group, with a simplified, yet effective &hard-hitting product. Not only will this help you in customer retention, but will also give you insights into the mind of your target group. Thus, helping you create multi-business opportunities for yourself.

‘Voice It’ brings to you -

MESSAGE ME – Our Message Platform !

Did you know "Message Me Facts" ?

More about 'Message Me'

To add to the above data, 44% of cell phone owners have slept with their phone next to their bed because they wanted to make sure they didn’t miss any calls, text messages, or other updates during the night.

At Mobikonnect, we let you play in the hands of your customers, (Pun intended)in the most profitable & cost effective way. The fact of the matter is that everyone wants to stay updated, in the most personalised, private & non-invasive way. Additionally, everyone, almost everyone is out looking for the best deals available or the best bang for their buck. Through research & analytics, you can identify the right target group for your business & reach them with exclusive & unique deals.

SMS technology has the power to create the need & urge to shop, or bring traffic to your site, by thereby creating curiosity & thus, translate into either customer acquisition or revenue for your company.

With our expertise, we tag the right audience, analyse the performance of the messages sent, alongside other important & essential metrics of evaluation.