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Radio Konnect
Tell your story in a different & unique way. Let is not be the dull & hackneyedstyle of advertising. Let yourself stand out from the crowd. Do it with Mobikonnect’s Radio Konnect. What is Radio Konnect? These are interesting, engaging & distinctive content capsules created exclusively for your brand/product. Entertain your customers with something that would lure them to you, asking for more.
From a story about your product & its features, to character calls, dialogue plays, songs, jingles and much more, the nature of this content won’t just charm your customers, but will also make it a memorable timepiece.
Campaign Konnect offers 4 communication channels - SMS/Voice/Emails/Web. Through these channels, you couldconnect with your prospective or existing customers &expose them to your ad campaigns or any new promotion that you have planned. What’s important is to investigate & understand, what & which customer, prefers, which channel. This with be helpful to drive ROI’s & to ensure that your money spent in the form of marketing, is visible to your audience.
Find the most preferable channel of communication for each of your customer &put your money, where their mouth is.
So why create this audio content? How will it help ?
Mobikonnect has in the past created audio content for many of its, now satisfied & happy clients.